SGD-4 International Conference & Training for Success and Educators April 19-21, 2018   |  SDG-4, Character and Leadership April 2018

2018 Third Annual Education Solutions

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Implementing Comprehensive Education Solutions Through Training, Workshops, Leadership and Character Education


Sustainable Development Goals
Goal-4 - Sustainable Development Goals

In addressing the 2030 Development Agenda successes, UNESCO emphasized that education is the major key to achieving the development agenda. This implies that efforts must be geared towards ensuring that the Sustainable Development Goals are provided with operational tools to aid implementation success. .

At the 2016 World teacher’s Day, the UNESCO Chief in her message noted that the road map for the new agenda, the Education 2030 Framework for Action, should highlight the fact that teachers are fundamental for equitable and quality education and, as such, must be “adequately trained, recruited and remunerated, motivated and supported within well-resourced, efficient and effectively governed systems”.

The UNESCO Center for Global Education in commitment to the SDG - 4 and Targets enacted a call to action on Education Solutions to provide education and skills to help teachers, school proprietors and principals, education directors and administrators work their standing mission along with the new goals in responding to the global vision as proclaimed by world leaders.

Acting on this, the first education and training for SDG - 4 and targets on Education Solutions focused on the current school mission of participating school heads (Principals) and process of upgrading the missions to the new agenda. The training re-emphasized through in depth training on character and leadership Education, hands on school mission and practical group discussion was conducted.Issues raised from the two groups highlighted the following;

  • School infrastructures
  • Technology Education and resources
  • Human development
  • Improved teaching and learning materials
  • Training for School personnel, head teachers and non-teaching staff
  • Corporate partnership among schools
  • Culture and language of the environment

The Outcome of the training rested on the following recommendations for future work:

1. To establish and sustain an inter-agency core group that will ensure the following, including but not limited to: Continuing and enhancing the discussions on SDG-4 and targets; Establish initiatives between and among agencies; Building capacity of School Heads (Principals) from across regions;

2. Develop Educators Coop Model, establish Education Solutions Global Ambassadors and Advisory Council in following up with further training;

3. Build on the Education Solutions initiative for integrated programming and examine the environmental areas towards developing and implementing joint programs and maximizing international school resources for better outcomes and greater impact on communities;

4. Engage with the African Union Observer Mission to the UN, and other key stakeholders for the inclusion of pertinent issues raised from the workshop and training, establish pilot schools and work with Educators in developing comprehensive curriculum for the 2030 agenda on improved and sustainable education

In furthering the Education Solution initiative, the UNESCO Center for Global Education will hold a three-day Education and Training Workshop on “Education and Training on SDG-4 and Leadership” to develop the following concerns into an implementable outcome in encouraging schools to sustainable global outcome;

  • Educators Coop Model (ECM): Develop ECM to include the SDG-4-time line, SDGs-5Ps (people, Planet, Peace, Prosperity and partnership), Infrastructures, teaching and learning
  • Continuing Education Units: Subscribe for CEU approval to enable opportunities for certified training
  • Volunteer teachers and Internship: Build a network of retired teachers as guidance resource and students internships for schools in developing countries
  • Teaming School Initiatives: Encourage school partnerships and build programs in support of School Teaming Initiative programs
  • Hands on SDG-4 and targets training: Expand on the training opportunities

The underlying objectives will;

  • Provide succor to quality education in line with the agenda of the SDGs
  • Create more opportunities for global partnership and exchange education programs
  • Create platform for school heads (Principals), teachers, women, youth and government stakeholders to explore the various education opportunities to the sustainable development agenda while focusing on 2030 agenda
  • Develop New Paradigm Models on sustainable education in addressing Education for All

Call to Action:

In addressing these and committing to 2030 Development Agenda calls for step up action on Sustainable Development Goal-4 and Targets in answering to the call for quality education across the globe. The training will further the development of education mission in addressing the 5Ps (People, Planet, Peace, Prosperity and Partnerships) along global priorities in achieving SDG-4 and target successes on

  • Quality Education
  • Teachers approach to Education
  • Global Education framework
  • Under investment in education
  • Model Global Education
  • Skills Development
  • Character and leadership Education
  • Life Long Learning

The underlying objectives will:

  • Provide succor to quality education in line with the agenda of the SDGs
  • Create more opportunities for global partnership and exchange education programs
  • Create platform for school heads (Principals), teachers, and government stakeholders to explore the various education opportunities to the sustainable development agenda while focusing on 2030 agenda
  • Develop New Paradigm Models on sustainable education in addressing Education for All
  • Build Global Education Village for Educators

Who should attend?

  • Heads of Educational establishments
  • School owners
  • Lectures, Headteachers and teachers
  • Parents
  • Education Policy Advocates, Directors
  • Education Agencies and Organization
  • Mission Schools
  • Education Students
  • NGO and Civil Societies
  • Government Agencies
  • Ministries of Education

Program Format

Day 1: The Training will start with an open conference on the Theme: “School Managers in Developing the Learning Generation for the 2030 Agenda”. The conference will reflect on the mechanism, knowledge, tools, inclusive roles of school managers and education institutions to achievable learning reality by 2030

Day 2: A Momentum for Global Education: The Session will hold discussion with Chief Sustainable Executive Managers on education to share and address responsibilities within schools and among school stakeholders in building the learning generation outcome for 2030 development successes. The Session will ignite action for practical training workshop in responding to the objectives of the 2017 Education and Training on SDG-4 and Leadership

Day 3: The training workshop will be concluded with declaration and resolution to be shared with participating Education Ministries and partnership school of Education for follow-up initiatives in responding to 2030 Development agenda for action oriented education and learning successes.

The day will be concluded with a closing reception and Lunch of Model Educators Coop Toolkit through Educators Boat Cruise.

The outcome of the training will be discussed at the Boat Cruise.

Focus Areas

  • Teacher Coop Model
  • Teaming School Initiatives
  • Hands on SDG-4 and targets training
  • Leadership and Management
  • Learning and teaching Character
  • SDG-4 Teaching Innovation and ideas in a school
  • 2030 Development Agenda for Schools
  • Model UN-UNESCO Teachers Workshop
  • Education Facilities and Learning Environment
  • UNESCO Key messages of Quality Education
  • Education Solutions 2030 Framework of Action

What is included?

  • Conference material
  • Lunch
  • Certificate
  • UNESCOCFORGE Model Education Alumni Pin and ID
  • Educators Boat Cruise and City Tour
  • Special SDG-4 and Target Workshop

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Cancellation Policy:

Notice of cancellation must be submitted via email to Registrations cancelled prior to March 31, 2018 will receive a 40% refund. Registrations cancelled after March 31, 2018 will receive 30% refund, ONLY if someone on the waiting list can take your place.


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